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Being raised in the Phoenix and surrounding areas, I know the area very well and have lived in numerous areas of the valley.
Real Estate has always been my passion as well as helping people realize their dream of home ownership. I did house flipping for 10 years where I purchased and sold numerous homes all around the valley of the sun and always love the excitement of new owners.

01. Commercial Property 

02. 2 Floors Downtown Rental

03. City Center Rental Suites

Good morning world , it's going to a great week weather wise and that makes for great house hunting !! Let me know what you might be looking for and let's find you that s...
Realtor Consultations
1 hr

Where dreams come home​

We take our tagline very seriously and for the last 25 years have been committed to finding you the perfect home for your business or selves. We look forward to meeting you and finding you your perfect place.

For Sale


Private residents are selling fast and you should book a consultation today. 

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