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I specialize in performing as a buyers agent, however I can definitely sell your property. I also am available to help you find your next rental as well.   I have a vast amount of backing by other professionals for mortgages, inspections, and title companies.  I will never take anything for granted and inform you something I'm not sure of. I have a great mentor and broker who I confer with on anything I do not know or am not sure of.  

Services 1. Residential Sales
My passion is to be a buyers agent searching and helping you find your new home, I can definitely help you sell yours as well. I place a 100% dedication to my clients and do not stop searching for properties or customers to purchase yours until the job is complete and you are happy! 
Services 2. Residential Rentals
If purchasing is not on your agenda, I can definitely find you a rental property. I have helped many awesome  clients find their next home. Nothing thrills me more that to hand the keys to a client on a new place to call home. 
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